Stress Less Laugh More

In this presentation I give you skills and strategies that will increase the levels of laughter, humour, play and fun you experience on a daily basis.

When you reduce stress and increase laughter you will experience more happiness, energy and success in all areas of your life!

Available to both business groups and the general public. Delivered in person or online.

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I really love coaching. My clients get the results they want quickly. We also have a lot of fun! I offer one to one or group coaching.

I help people who want to increase the laughter in their life, master the use of humour skills in their communication, turn their creative dreams and goals into reality, or reinvent their lives in small or big ways!

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Enquire about Anthony's writing services as freelance writer, script editor, writing coach, or ghostwriter for your memoir or non-fiction book.

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4 Keys to Resilience and Peace

I'm so proud to be the producer of this amazing multi-media online course by the legendary founder of the Quest For Life Centre, Petrea King. 

I've worked with Petrea for years and have seen how her strategies for creating inner strength and deep calm change lives.

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